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How to Bend PVC Pipe

Dec 19, 2023

PVC pipe is extremely rigid, but this technique allows you to bend PVC pipe at angles up to 90 degrees without kinking.

PVC pipe is commonly used as electrical conduit as well as irrigation piping. It's rigid and strong, which doesn't allow it to bend at all. Elbows and couplings make it possible to manipulate the path of PVC, but a better way is to bend the PVC without breaking or kinking it.

AmJohnny has shared an Instructable for bending PVC pipe, using a hair dryer and 1/2-inch drain auger. The drain auger is inserted into the PVC to prevent it from kinking as it's being bent–kinked PVC pipe is extremely difficult to get straight again. Use a hair dryer to heat up a spot on the PVC pipe and slowly apply pressure on the area you want to bend.

Once you've made a bend to the desired angle you can remove the auger. This technique is ideal for maneuvering PVC around corners and over other pipes, while remaining flush to the wall. Take it slow when heating and bending the PVC and you'll have a successful outcome almost every time.

Some recommend putting sand in the PVC before making your bend. Here's a demo of that method in action:

You may want to try both. At worst you've wasted 2 bucks worth of scrap PVC piping.

Timothy is a lifelong DIY enthusiast who is fixated on smart home tech, beautiful tools, and wrenching on his FJ62 Land Cruiser. He's the DIY editor at Popular Mechanics and also the founder of the home improvement site, Charles & Hudson, the Webby-nominated family site, Built by Kids, and Tool Crave. When not working, you’ll find him on his board or bike enjoying the LA weather with his family and friends. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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