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Pex Pipe and Pex Tools for Your Business

May 26, 2023

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PEX piping is made from flexible plastic and is an alternative to copper or steel water supply pipes. PEX pipes were initially used for radiant heat flooring, but have since become extremely popular for plumbing projects, due to their flexibility and ease of installation. In fact, it has made it possible for many people to perform DIY plumbing fixes in their homes or businesses. Also, PEX piping does not corrode as copper and steel pipes do, so leaks and water contamination aren't an issue.

There are 3 different kinds of PEX pipes – each with its own benefits. They are as follows:

There are also special tools and connectors needed to work with and install PEX tubing. These include items such as PEX crimper, PEX expander tool, a PEX cutter, and more. Oftentimes, though, you can get PEX piping kits that contain the tubing and the tools and accessories you’ll need for your project.

Whether you own a plumbing business or are a DIYer wanting to tackle a plumbing project, consider plumbing with PEX. It's a great alternative to metal pipes and will last longer. Below is our list of some great PEX pipe and PEX tools we found on Amazon. Check out our 15 picks for help with your search for PEX plumbing supplies.

This kit from EFIELD contains 2 rolls of 100 ft PEX-A tubing, one red and one blue. You also get 30 1/2-inch PEX brass expansion fittings, 100 1/2-inch expansion rings, and a pipe cutter.

(All in One) EFIELD 1/2-inch Pex-A Tubing/Pipe

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You get 2 100 ft. rolls of 1/2 inch tubes. One tube is red, the other blue. The piping meets or exceeds ASTM F876, F877, F1807, F1960, F2023, F2080 and F2169 standards.

Supply Giant PARB12100 Pex A Tubing Pipe

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PEX GUY offers your choice of thickness in a 300 ft PEX-A tubing roll. You can also choose between blue or red.

Blue PEX For Potable Water Domestic Water – PEX GUY

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SharkBite offers 300 ft of 3/4 inch PEX-B tubing in white. This portable PEX pipe is certified to meet ASTM F2023 oxidative-resistance requirements for continuous hot water recirculation.

SharkBite 1/2 Inch x 300 Feet White PEX-B, PEX Pipe Flexible Water Tubing for Plumbing

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Here you get 2 rolls of 1/2-inch PEX-B in blue and red. Each roll is 100 feet.

PEX Pipe 1/2 Inch Flexible Water Pipe 2 Rolls

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Another value set by EFIELD, this one includes 2 300 ft rolls of NSF-certified PEX-B pipe. Also included is a free pipe cutter.

EFIELD Pex-b Pipe/Tubing (NSF Certified) Blue & Red

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This kit includes a built-in 1-inch crimper with interchangeable jaws, Go-No-Go Gauge, hex spanner, and PEX cutter.

WISS® F1807 Copper Ring Crimping Tool Kit

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The unique design of this tool allows it to function as a multi-purpose tool. It can cinch clamps and remove the clamps from the pipe, allowing it to be reused. Also included are a PEX cutter and 30 clamps.

CRIMP Ratchet PEX Cinch Tool with Removing function

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This is a good value if you need valves. You get 10 1/2" PEX brass ball valves, all made from lead-free DZR forged brass.

Full Port Water Stop Shut Off, 1/2" PEX Brass Ball Valve

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This kit from SHALL contains a crimper tool, a cutter, 20 1/2 inch stainless steel clamps, 10 3/4 inch stainless steel clamps, a calibration tool, and 2 pairs of PVC gloves.

SHALL Pex Crimping Clamp Cinch Tool and Pipe Hose Cutter

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Choose between several different sizes and get a pack of 100. These clamp rings are made from stainless steel and are safe for potable water and radiant heat flooring.

100pcs 1/2 Inch PEX Cinch Clamp Rings, 304 Stainless Steel Cinch Crimp Rings

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This is a PEX-A expander. It comes with 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ heads, tool lubricant, and a sturdy carrying case.

IWISS PEX Expander Tool with Expansion Heads for Uponor ProPex Expansion Sleeves

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Milwaukee's PEX cutter tool has replaceable blades for increased tool life and a double ground V-shaped blade for cleaner cuts. It also features a rework groove for correcting mistakes and a one-handed locking mechanism.

Milwaukee 48-22-4200 Pex/Tubing Cutter

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Although PEX piping is resistant to cold, it never hurts to add insulation. This insulation tape comes in an 11 ft roll and is suitable for all kinds of pipes.

2 Inch Pipe Insulation Tape – Weather Resistant Water Pipe Wrap Tape

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This kit includes ten 1/2″ PEX elbows 90s, ten 1/2″ PEX tees, and ten 1/2″ straight couplers. All pieces are brass and can be used with any kind of PEX piping.

Brass PEX Fittings for 1/2 inch PEX Pipe (10 – Elbow

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