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PEX Pipe for Your Job Site Needs

Mar 10, 2023

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Cross-linked polyethylene tubing, more commonly known as PEX has now become a very popular choice in piping installations. It is replacing traditional copper and galvanized steel in new projects as well as renovations. This is because it is cheaper, easier to install, and offers more control with a distribution manifold.

The PEX pipes are also available from 5-foot lengths for small repairs to 1,000 feet long rolls for large installations. With more than 60% of new installations now using PEX, it has become a proven and reliable option for metal pipes.

PEX pipe offers more flexibility during installation, it is cheaper, color-coded, and offers a central shutoff with a distribution manifold. Copper has a long lifespan, is environmentally friendly, is sturdier, and resists very high heat. The pros and cons depend on your use case, but they are both very effective at what they do.

Whether you are a DIYer, a plumber, or a contractor, the PEX pipes available on Amazon offer a range of options to tackle any job.

Top Pick: SharkBite gets the top pick because it is one of the leading brands of PEX pipe products, which includes all the accessories you need for proper installation. You can get this pipe up to 1,000 feet in length and it is freeze-resistant, has an innovative push-to-connect design, six-month UV resistance, and the highest-rated chlorine resistance. It has a minimum working temperature of 33° F at 160 PSI, a maximum working temperature of 200° F at 80 PSI, and a maximum working pressure of 160 PSI at 33 to 70° F.

SharkBite 3/4 Inch x 100 Feet White PEX-B

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Runner Up: The PEX GUY is the runner-up with this potable water pipe which you can get in 1/2"– 1" sizes and up to 1,000 feet in length. This is NSF certified and comes with a 25-year industry standard warranty. It is pressure rated at 79psi 200°F, 100psi 180°F, and 160psi 73°F.

PEX GUY 1/2″ x 100 Ft Blue PEX

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Best Value: With a total length of 300ft, this is a PEX-b with non-barrier security that is fit for potable water or radiant floor water projects. It is rated for water temperatures of -40? to 203? and pressure rated up to 80 PSI at 200?. And it can be installed with different connection systems and floor types.

VEVOR PEX Tubing, 1″ PEX Pipe

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The two rolls of 1/2" x 100 feet red and blue PEX tubing from Happybuy are non-toxic, maintenance-free, and anti-aging. They can be applied for potable water or radiant floor water projects. These pipes are compatible with a water temperature of -40? to 203? and pressure rates up to 80 PSI at 200?.

Happybuy PEX Tubing Pipe

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SUPPLY GIANT also has two 1/2" Inch x 100 feet of red and blue non-barrier PEX pipes for residential or commercial use. These pipes deliver hot or cold water and they are resistant to cracks, have uninterrupted water flow, are maintenance-free, and have a long life expectancy.


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This 1/2" PEX-A is another entry from SharkBite. It is a flexible water tubing designed for potable hot and cold plumbing applications. It is a durable and freeze-resistant water supply line with the highest-rated flexibility. The minimum working temperature is 33° F at 160 PSI, the maximum working temperature is 200° F at 80 PSI, and the maximum working pressure is 160 PSI at 33° to 70° F.

SharkBite 1/2 Inch x 300 Feet Red PEX-A

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Backed by a 25-year transferable limited warranty this 1″ Uponor AquaPEX white PEX pipe is flexible, durable, corrosion-resistant, and freeze-resilient. And with the long flexible coils, it eliminates the need for fittings with each change in direction. You can use it for hot and cold domestic potable water systems and residential fire safety systems.

1″ Uponor AquaPEX White, 100-ft. Coil

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This Zurn blue PEX pipe if for hot and cold potable installations. The high temperature and freeze resistance deliver a pressure rating of up to 80 PSI at 200° F. Additionally these pipes have the highest chlorine and UV rating defined by ASTM.

Zurn BLUE PEX Hot/Cold Potable Non-Barrier Tubing Coil

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In addition to the PEX pipes, Viega manufactures a comprehensive selection of fittings and accessories. These blue pipes have a 25-year warranty, a 160 maximum PSI and a maximum temperature of 180° F, it is lead law compliant, and it is NSF certified.

Viega PureFlow Zero Lead PEX Tubing

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The 1/2" by 1,000 feet coil of PEX pipe from Supply Giant is flexible enough to work with a bend radius of 5 feet. When it comes to performance it has an oxygen barrier along with foreign matter from penetrating your heating system. This prevents the corrosion of metal parts in heaters or other equipment. It has a maximum pressure rating of 80psi at 200° F.

Supply Giant PEX Tubing for Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Systems

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Unlike copper or galvanized steel, PEX pipes have several features you need to be aware of. So, before you buy some PEX pipes look for some of these features to make sure you are buying the right pipes.

Color Coding: Red PEX pipes for hot water supply lines, blue PEX for cold water supply, and white and gray for hot or cold.

PEX-A: This is the most flexible type of PEX, which makes it applicable for use in all home water-supply plumbing installations. PEX-A is made using peroxide.

PEX-B: Stiffer than PEX-A, this pipe tends to return to its original coiled shape. PEX B is made using Silane, or Moisture Cure, method. This is the most common PEX pipe type.

PEX-C: This is the stiffest PEX version, which makes it harder to work with compared to the other two. It is made using the Electronic Irradiation, or cold, method of cross-linking.

Pipe Sizes: Available in sticks and coil you can get ½-inch, ¾-inch, 1-inch and 2-inch sizes at 5 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet and up to 1,00 feet in length.

Pressure/temperature rating(s): Look on the pipe for the information to find out the right rating for your installation.

Service Lines and Potable Water: PEX pipes can be used for both but look at the designation of the pipe before installing.


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